Investment Management

Cryptocurrency Trading

ProxiBit provides a unique service for the management of digital assets.

ProxiBit by Proxima is an investments boutique that specializes in the management of digital assets. The company has years of experience managing financial assets and has vast expertise in both Blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

ProxiBit collaborates with you in everything crypto:

  • Acquisition of crypto assets and sale effectively and easily
  • Assets management and maximization of their hidden potential through a variety of investment instruments
  • Investment tracks adapted to the personal needs of each client
  • Ongoing, coordinated operation with banks, tax authorities, and regulators
מטבע ביטקוין

Take advantage of smart investments in digital currencies. ProxiBit helps you invest in crypto coins and projects that in the past were available only to entities with large capitals – now all of us can trade in cryptocurrencies.

Register for the new ProxiBit digital platform – together we will create an investment track that will match your personal needs.

Prominent benefits for you as a customer


Easy and simple access to blockchain investments


Combining years of experience and implementation respectively in the blockchain markets


Remove worries from your heart, we are here to take care and keep the money

Personal customization

Creating a corresponding investment profile and/or portfolio management


Trading costs are reduced in all financial instruments.

Rich experience and expertise

Leading professionals with rich experience in the capital market.

Attitude and service

Service and personal attention with each new call, you get a permanent contact person who answers all your needs.

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