FOREX Trading

FOREX Trading

The global economy is based on international trade at volumes never seen before. It is therefore not surprising that the need for FOREX conversion in business is higher than ever. Importers, exporters and other businesses converting foreign currency frequently must take into consideration the cost of the services. An assessment of the costs of conversion among banks shows that this basic service costs a lot of money.

Low conversion margins, no commission fees

The conversion margins among banks are not attractive and can reach high percentages of the conversion value, which in large transactions translates into lots of money. In addition, banks charge conversion commission fees.

At Proxima we offer you FOREX conversion at conversion margins much lower than the banks and with no conversion commission fees. The service covers conversion from any currency to any currency and is provided to clients of all banks in Israel. You don’t have to open an account with Proxima, and the conversion is in the form of a conditional transfer of cash.

We also offer consulting services on FOREX hedging, finding the most compelling ways to hedge and protect the foreign currency of our clients.

Foreign-currency conversion, all the advantages

Established in 2003, Proxima specializes in the management of investment portfolios for selected clients in Israel and around the world. We also provide independent trading services, help raise money for startups, and offer professional consulting to both business and private clients. We also provide a range of other financial services, including foreign-currency conversion, which offers salient advantages:

  • No conversion commissions

  • Lower conversion margins

  • No need to open a new account with Proxima

  • In any bank in Israel

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