A trading account is an account through which purchase and sale orders for financial products (shares, bonds, mutual funds and mutual funds) can be transferred on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

No. An account at an investment house is used for trading in securities only and does not allow for current account management in the usual way we know, credit card, salary checks and more.

Service – the investment house is more structured for the capital market than the bank itself in the sense of customer service, trading rooms and more. The service you will receive from the investment houses is reliable, faster and more convenient than the bank.

Trading systems – investment houses allow their clients to work with several trading systems different from the bank.

Performing actions from your personal computer at home – you can perform the actions of buying and selling the various securities through your broker’s website using your personal computer from home (this is also possible in most banks).

Longer operating hours – the daily operating hours of the brokers last more hours than in the banks. With some brokers you can even carry out operations in the evenings and sometimes on weekends as well. A representative from the broker will be at your service during all these operating hours to receive your trading instructions.

Higher interest on the amount of money in the current account – the amount of cash that will be found in your account with the broker will usually be credited automatically with annual interest at the level of the prime interest minus 2%-2.2%, which is significantly higher than the interest you will receive at the banks.

Commissions – the commissions in investment houses are attractive and cheaper than the commissions paid by bank customers, who pay only for buying and selling operations only. In addition, there is no commission for failure to execute a buy/sell order, minimum commission, dividend receipt commission, rights exercise commission and other commissions charged by the bank. The amount of the commission will be determined according to the nature of the activity and its scope.

valid ID card.
Another certificate (driver’s license, belt, reserve certificate, etc.).

A few days after signing the contract. After the deposit, a username and password will be given to activate the account in the trading system.

Each investment house has a relative advantage in a certain type of trading. Some of them specialize in the American market, some have low commissions and some have the option of selling short. In the bottom line, ideal trading conditions suitable for his activity should be adapted to the client with a focus on commissions, trading systems, leverage, credit, current interest.

Proxima has agreements with a number of investment houses in Israel and around the world regardless of a particular investment house, therefore the client’s benefit is the first and foremost and it is the main consideration in adapting the investment house and the trading system to the nature of the client.

After opening the account and transferring the money to your account, you will receive permissions to the trading system of the exchange. Through this system you can buy/sell any security traded on the stock exchange.

Yes, you can open a joint account.

The ability to adapt the investment house and trading systems to the client, support from the investment house and low fees.

The fees vary from client to client and are determined according to the size of the portfolio, the total activity and the nature of the activity.

Unlike the banks, cash balances in the account accumulate automatic daily interest that is entered into the customer’s account at the end of each month.

Yes, securities can be transferred from anywhere else.

No, if the names of the account holders are the same in the two different brokers, otherwise it is considered a tax event.

No, capital loss is not transferable.

There are several accounts to which you can transfer money, depending on the broker and bank you wish to transfer. This money will be transferred to the trust account opened in your name, after sending the reference to us (by fax).

You can transfer any amount you want from your broker account to another account by bank transfer.

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