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Proxima Dynamics Hedge Funds

Proxima Dynamics is a hedge fund that focuses on investments in the local market, in particular in Israeli securities, while at the same time participating extensively in IPOs at the institutional stage. The Proxima Dynamics team has years of experience managing investments, making analyses, engaging in investment activism and debt restructuring, as well as working with leading organizations in the Israeli capital market.

We are very conscious of the great responsibility involved in managing funds and thus base our investments on in-depth analysis. The size and structure of the fund ensure flexibility in the investments and rapid decision making. Every position in the fund has an important meaning, and the investments are evaluated accordingly.

תמונת אוירה

Proxima Alpha L.P.

A “Fixed Income Opportunity” hedge fund in Israeli Sheqel Specializing in the Israeli market, Offerings and IPO

Proxima Alpha Fixed Income Opportunity Fund invests in bond issues traded primarily in the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. The fund seek to take advantage of opportunities in the bond market by leveraging at very low rates. The fund uses hedging strategies to insure the stability of the fund.

In addition the fund participates in new issues of bonds and stocks to provide extra returns.

Fund Manager: Proxima Dynamics Ltd.

Investments Terms

Currency: ILS

Liquidity: Monthly

Minimum: ILS 500,000

Fees: 2.0% / 20%

Auditors: BDO

Trustee: Tzur Management Ltd.

Redemption: Monthly

Disclaimer: This is not an offering, or the solicitation of an offer, to purchase an interest in any private investment fund. Any such offer or solicitation will be made pursuant to a private placement to qualified clients only by means of a final offering memorandum, and only in those jurisdictions where permitted by law.

Past Performance is not an indication or prediction of future results.

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