Proxima Investments Management

About Us

Proxima Investments Management specializes in portfolio management for a variety of financially rich clients in Israel and internationally, provides independent trading services, raises money for startups, and offers professional consulting. We help our clients make the right and most founded decisions.

Established in 2003, Proxima Investments Management is a licensed firm whose managers have more than 20 years of experience in the capital market. Proxima relies on the values of loyalty, personal touch, professionalism and transparency.

As a Proxima client, you can rest assured that your money is managed by the most suitable investment entity that understands your specific needs. As a Proxima client, you benefit from a professional entity that can maximize our profits in the long term and that pays attention to your financial needs.
As a Proxima client, you can be confident that our team’s heart is in the right place.

חיים ונציה מנכל

Chaim Venezia

Co-CEO & Founder

Responsible for investment management

אורי רענן

Uri Ra’anan

Co-CEO & Founder

Responsible for trading